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Immunoassay Development

Life Biological offers our clients a complete package of development, optimization and quantification systems all in compliance with GLP and cGMP requirements. We have a strong track record of expertise in the development of complex and infrequently used methods to assist our clients in their research. We offer weekly progress reports and/or teleconferences to ensure the client is up to date on all aspects of their projects. Capabilities include:
• Measurement of small molecules, peptides and large proteins for R&D or product release (cGMP)
• Immunoassays for the monitoring of antibody or protein levels throughout a clinical study in complete compliance with GLP guidelines
• Development of an Immunoassay-based screening protocol against your lead compound
• Assay design and detection systems for antibodies with unique specifications; Quantitative detection systems for antibodies with unique specifications
• Quantitative detection systems for the determination of contaminants in highly purified products
• Immunoassays utilized for the detection of cytokines or cell surface markers
• Monoclonal antibody screening (ELISA)
Immunoassay formats include:
• Bridging Assay ( Sandwich ELISA)
• Competitive Assay Formats
• Direct Binding Assay Study
• Client Specific Assay Formats

Cardiac Assays
Cancer Assays
Diabetes Assays
Fertility Assays
Infectious disease Assays
Parasitology Assays
Steroid Assays
Thyroid Assays
Veterinary Assays
Other ELISA Assays