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Pre albumin ELISA

Pre albumin ELISA
Catalog Number: PreALB HU-LB08
Description: PreALB (PreAlbumin) ELISA
Sample Type: Serum
Sample Size: 100 µl
Available Sizes: 96 Wells
Range: 0-125 ng/ml
Sensitivity: 1.0 ng/ml
Incubation: 3 hour(s) 30 minutes (s)
Protocol: PreAlbumin  ELISA
Regulatory Status: RUO
Product Distribution: Available worldwide

Pre-Albumin ELISA: For determination of prealbumin (transthyretin) in serum, plasma.
Prealbumin (transthyretin) is a hepatic secretory protein thought to be important in the evaluation
of nutritional deficiency and nutrition support . Prealbumin plays important physiological
roles as a transporter of thyroxine and retinol-binding protein . Decreased prealbumin levels
have been suggested to associate with malnutrition , and chronic kidney disease .