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Toxo Plasma (IgG) Ab ELISA

Toxoplasma (IgG) Ab ELISA
Catalog Number: TOXO IgG HU-LB24
Description: Toxoplasma IgG ELISA
Sample Type: Serum
Sample Size: 5 µl
Available Sizes: 96 Wells
Incubation: 1hour(s) 30 minutes (s)
Protocol: Toxoplasma IgG ELISA
Regulatory Status: RUO
Product Distribution: Available worldwide

Toxoplasma gondii is the causative agent of Toxoplasmosis. It is an obligate intracellular protozoan parasite that has been found in many species of birds, reptiles and mammals.  The organism can be transmitted through organ transplantation, transfusion of blood and leukocyte, contact with contaminated cat feces, and ingestion of rare or raw meats.  In adults, infection is usually benign or asymptomatic. However, symptomatic cases including fatal cases do occur in immunosuppressed patients who has clinical or laboratory evidence of damage to the central nervous system.  In children, the risk of fetal infection vary according to the time of pregnancy when the mother becomes infected. Maternal infections occurring during the first trimester is less likely to pass infection to the fetus, however, if transmission occurs, severe outcomes such as spontaneous abortion and hydrocephalus are more likely. Infections acquired later in pregnancy, where most fetal transmissions occur, tends to cause less severe, but nonetheless serious congenital manifestations including cerebral calcifications and learning disabilities.  After infection, IgM antibodies appear as early as 5 days and decrease to low levels within a few weeks or months. IgG antibodies generally appear 1-2 weeks after infection, reaching peak levels in 6-10 weeks persisting for life. The Toxoplasma IgG EIA Test Kit is an immunoassay for the qualitative and quantitative detection of the presence of IgG antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii in serum or plasma specimen.