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Myoglobin ELISA

Myoglobin ELISA
Catalog Number: MYO HU-LB04
Description: Myoglobin  ELISA
Sample Type: Serum or Plasma
Sample Size: 50 µl
Available Sizes: 96 Wells
Range: 0-100 ng/ml
Sensitivity: 5.0 ng/ml
Incubation: 1 hour(s) 20 minutes (s)
Protocol: Myoglobin  ELISA
Regulatory Status: RUO
Product Distribution: Available worldwide
Myoglobin is a single polypeptide chain of 153 amino acids and molecular mass of approximately 17,500 Daltons. It contains one heme prosthetic group per molecule and is found only in striated skeletal and cardiac muscle. During the past several years the usefulness of monitoring serum myoglobin in the detection of early AMI has been documented in several studies. It has also been documented in number of studies that myoglobin has far superior clinical sensitivity than CK-MB in early detection of AMI in emergency room patients. Using the simple and ready to use strip microplate ELISA, serum or plasma myoglobin can be assayed quantitatively in a short time.
Myoglobin ELISA - For the quantitative determination of myoglobin in human Serum or Plasma.