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Life Biological Incorporated FAQ's

If you have questions take a look below and see if you can find your answer(s). If you don't see what you're looking for please feel free to contact us.

What products and services does Life Biological Incorporated offer?
LBs Incorporated sells its own line of ELISA Test  Kits for research use only, Substrates and Reagents.  We also provide Custom Services such as Custom Immunoassay development and Custom OEM Manufacturing. For Design Input Forms for our Custom ELISA Development, please contact us.

 Shipping and Storage Information.

Online Ordering Instruction?

We usually ship via Federal Express overnight priority ($50.00), or international service ($85.00-$100.00). Orders are shipped FOB  Bayonne, NJ and charges are prepaid and added to your invoice.
Please carefully read and adhere to the handling, storage, and expiration instructions included with your order. Items that must be kept refrigerated will be shipped with gel refrigerant packs and the charge for this is included in the shipping and handling charge.
Customers have the option to have their order shipped on dry ice for an additional $35.
To maintain the integrity of frozen and refrigerated items, we ship Monday - Thursday only. We encourage the reuse and recycling of packaging materials whenever possible.

Billing and Payment Terms

Billing and Payment Terms?
Please provide standard credit references with your first purchase order. To avoid any delays due to processing your information, and for your convenience, we welcome payment   by prepaid checks, and bank wire transfers.
All payments are due in US dollars upon receipt of goods. Product remains the property of Life Biological Incorporated until full payment is received. Accounts over 30 days will be charged 1.5% per month.
For our new international customers, we may request payment in advance via one of the abovementioned options.

All prices are in US currency and are subject to change without notice. Please contact us to get the latest pricing.

Any Discounts?
Discounts are offered on request for large volumes and for annual standing orders. Your inquiries are welcomed.

Technical Topics

Where can I find design input forms?
You can contact us through a number of means as seen on the "Contact Us" page to request that a Design Input Form be sent to you. Please provide us with either a fax, email, or physical mailing address where we can send you one.
We have Design Input Forms for Custom  ELISA Development. Please specify which form you'd like.

ELISA Questions

Why is the washing step so Important?
Correct washing of the plate is a very critical and important aspect of running any successful ELISA. Consistency in washing the plate is essential. Washing the plate too rapidly or too slowly, incomplete washing or aspirating, and allowing the wells to sit dry are all factors that will affect the precision of the assay. We do not recommend the use of a multichannel pipette for this purpose. Multichannel pipettes do not apply enough pressure to thoroughly remove the unbound material and this will result in higher background noise. A video displaying proper washing technique is available in the Learning Center section of the website or click here . 

How many times can I freeze and thaw my samples?
Recommended freeze/thaw cycles vary based on kit. We recommend to avoid repeated freeze and thaw cycles unless otherwise indicated in the manual. If the collected sample amount allows for it, prepare and freeze aliquots to eliminate or reduce freeze/thaw cycles.

Can I use my “Inhousemade” buffers?
Each kit contains diluents and buffers that are formulated to closely match specific sample types. The manufacturer will not guarantee the performance of the kit if components that were not provided with the kit are used to run the assay.

My controls are out of range. Is my data Invalid?
The concentration of the controls must be within the range specified in the certificate of analysis. If the controls are out of range the assay may be invalid. Also, make sure the curve fit recommended in the protocol has been used. If more than one recommendation is provided use the regression method that best fits the standard data points.

Can I read a plate without having a reference wavelength?
Yes, you can. However, the use of a reference wavelength may improve the sensitivity of the assay.