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ELISA is our passion and specialty.

Developing Point of care instrument and Micro fluidic cartridge

Easy to use disposable Micro fluidic cartridge for each test for point of care testing is under development.  A novel solution for Point of care testing. The company is founded to develop pati...

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Drug discovery through cutting edge technology in automation like LC-MS/MS

LC-MS/MS is a powerful tool for drug development, whether for pharmacokinetic analysis, or identification of key metabolites and impurities. Achieve high sensitivity and specificity with Life Biolo...

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Immunoassay Development

Life Biological offers our clients a complete package of development, optimization and quantification systems all in compliance with GLP and cGMP requirements. We have a strong track record of expe...

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Assay Validation and Verification studies

Life biological offer Assay validation and verification studies under complete GLP guidelines.


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