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ELISA Test Kits

Life Biological is a biotechnology company focused on providing research and diagnostics products for biotechnology and pharmaceuticals companies around the world.  Life Biological discovers, develops, and commercializes novel ELISA that may significantly improve research and diagnostic techniques. The company applies its expertise in immunoassay engineering to produce ELISA  in various areas. Life Biological is headquartered in New Jersey. Life  Biological ELISA's are for research use only in USA.

Cortisol ELISA

Cortisol  ELISA
Catalog Number: CortisolHU-LB03
Description: Cortisol  ELISA
Sample Type: Serum

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Vitamin D (25-OH) ELISA

Vitamin D (25-OH ) ELISA
Catalog Number: Vitamin-D HU-LB07
Description: Vitamin D (25-OH) ELISA
Sample Type: ...

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